Talk About Sore Losers

What’s the first day of Fall for you? Is it Labor Day weekend, your first pumpkin coffee, the first day of school, or the first day you feel that chill in the breeze?

For regular readers of this blog, my first day of Fall should be obvious. You know what, let’s not even call it Fall. Let’s call this season by its real name: Football Season!

This Saturday kicked off the college football season, and, of course, my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide played the University of Southern California Trojans. Now, Alabama fans are no stranger to rivalries. Crimson Tide fans are some of the most devoted and die-hard college football fans there are, and we are proud of it! Maybe that’s why when other schools play Alabama, they go all out with the taunts.

The USC bookstore put out this t-shirt prior to this weekend’s game, in an attempt to troll the Crimson Tide:Roll Tide Roll

If you’re not familiar, it’s a not-so-sly reference to Alabama’s battle cry, “Roll Tide Roll!” For Alabama fans, it’s a sacred chant that indicates our allegiance to our team. So, one Alabama fan decided to fire back.

To preface the joke, the Alabama Crimson Tide Tight End is #88, a young man by the name of O.J. Howard. University of Southern California also once had a famous player who went by the name O.J. – the slightly more famous (or infamous) Heisman Trophy-winning O.J. Simpson.Roll Tide Roll

We all know what O.J. did. But you might not know that Alabama’s O.J. destroyed Clemson (killed it, if you will) with five catches for 208 yards and two scores in a 45-40 win for the College Football Playoff national championship. Enter the T-shirt:

Sadly, the t-shirt (which was not officially affiliated with the University of Alabama) was soon removed from the site where it was being sold. Because of USC? No, because of Clemson.

You see, someone alerted, a website that enables users to upload their work and sell it as t-shirts, that the Alabama O.J. shirt was in violation of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). This means a copyright holder notified the website that a user of its platform has infringed on their copyright. In other words, it seems that someone at Clemson took issue with the Clemson name being used on the shirt. Talk about sore losers!

I’m just happy that after Saturdays’ game, there’s one more sore loser out there, and it isn’t us! Roll Tide Roll!

Tell me – did you watch the game? Did you snap up one of the shirts? Do you think it’s crazy that someone can stop the sale of a shirt because it mentions a school name? This die-hard Alabama girl would love to know….

Happy Tuesday – enjoy the short week!