Hungry, Homeless and Naked

Truck driversAll week long, we’ve been celebrating the hard-working truck drivers who enhance our daily lives by transporting the products we need and use. Consider this:
• There are 300,000 items in the average American home.
• The average American eats 1,996 pounds of food each year.
• And, the average American family spends $1700 on clothes annually.

Where would we be without the truck drivers who transport all of these food products, clothing items, and household goods? Hungry, homeless, and naked!

It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and this year alone, Matchmaker has worked with more than 500 different professional drivers.

We decided to show our appreciation with a daily drawing on Facebook. The winners received a Matchmaker travel mug and our sincere gratitude for all that they do.

The winners were:
Gregg Robinson of 50 Plus Logistics: Gregg is a very professional and courteous driver who’s great about providing updates to us and our shipping customers.
Scott Sales of Specialty Transport: On a recent shipment, Scott hit some bad weather, causing him to have to sit for two days with a reefer unit. He kept a positive attitude and handled the situation with great professionalism.
Kevin Hallowell of Ward Trucking: Awesome – it’s the best word to describe the job Kevin does when he hauls loads for us.
Tim Matthis of M Transport: We get repeated compliments about Tim from both shippers and receivers; we couldn’t agree more.
Richard Smith of Louisville Logistics: When a situation meant Richard had to sit and wait for hours to get loaded, he had a great attitude! Richard said he understood how these things sometimes happen, and he expressed his appreciation for the load. His communication with all parties (from us to the shipper to the receiver) was much appreciated.

Truck Drivers
If you’re a shipper or receiver and you’d like to share a story of your experience with a driver representing Matchmaker Logistics, I’d love to hear it.

Most importantly, I encourage everyone to take a moment this weekend – as you reach for your coffee mug, pour a bowl of cereal, or slip on your favorite T-shirt – to remember the hard-working individuals who take care of us (and our economy) by transporting everything we need to warehouses, stores, and our front doors.

Thank a trucker this weekend,