Rock Star Daydreams

Pass the coffee, it was a fun, but exhausting weekend. And now, I’m back! This past Friday, I cut out of work a little bit early in order to go on a weekend vacation with a few girlfriendsRock Star!

My cousin and one of our best friends will be meeting up in New Orleans, the Big Easy, the birthplace of jazz. While there, we enjoyed all that the city had to offer – dazzling nightlife, beignets for breakfast, and one very special guest: our favorite musician, Keith Urban!

I couldn’t have been more excited. My cousin is a die-hard Keith Urban fan, and has even been backstage to meet him! This was my second time seeing Keith in concert, so when she called and invited me – offering me tickets as a birthday gift, I instantly accepted.

For those who aren’t already die-hard fans, Keith Urban is an Australian dreamboat who sings good old fashioned country music. I’ve been a fan of his for years – both his crooning and that smile! He’s also got a habit of pulling fans up on stage, like this lucky fan, who got to play guitar for Keith on his birthday! He was brought up onstage because his girlfriend was holding up a sign; when Keith started talking with them, she announced that her boyfriend could be Keith’s backup guitarist!Rock Star

Keith Urban slung the guitar right off his back and into the fan’s hands, and the fan nailed it. He even knew the solos, and had Keith stomping and crooning along, not missing a beat during this impromptu duet.

Now, I may not have the kind of musical talent that fan has, but I can dream! I’ve had friends ask me outright – “What would you do if he pulled you up on stage?” I’d probably just grab a mic and sing along, but I think I’d give him a hug first, even if it wasn’t my birthday.

Now, back to reality. Instead of staring into Keith’s dreamy eyes, I’m staring down a pile of work on my desk.Rock Star

My dreams of being a rocker’s girl – even if just for a minute- are over. But that’s okay. I’ve got my own dreamy guy. Besides, I probably wouldn’t look that good in Keith Urban’s shirt!

Truth is, I’ve got everything I need – a great family, a comfortable home, food in the pantry, and job that I enjoy. As Keith would sing: Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me?

Happy Monday,