Halloween On Wheels

Happy Halloween! One of my favorite things about this holiday is that it enables everyone to have a good time. No matter where you’re from, you can find a good neighborhood and knock on doors for candy and a fun scare. Costumes level the playing field where creativity, not cost, determines who looks the best.

Recently, I stumbled across some of the most creative costumes I’ve seen in a while. These kids use their wheelchairs or mobility devices as part of their costumes, making some truly next-level outfits that are one-of-a-kind. (Check out Magic Wheelchair, an organization that builds custom costumes for kids in wheelchairs!)

This is one of my favorites: any kid can put together a Superman costume, but can they fly?
And isn’t this little ice cream truck driver the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I wonder if his truck plays music too….


Even if it doesn’t, no worries – this little fella looks like he has some mad vinyl scratchin’ skills! Party from house-to-house – let me hear you make some noise!!!!
I was so inspired by these creative costumes, I started looking at other options for a Halloween on Wheels. With neighborhood houses far from one another in some areas, many churches, schools and civic groups now hold “trunk or treat” events. Parents park in a designated parking lot, and kids go from car-to=car instead of door-to-door, with their costumes on and candy buckets at the ready.

Thankfully, this new tradition hasn’t eliminated the desire to decorate for Halloween, with some epic trunk costumes taking over the internet, like these two:

I saw dozens of ideas that really blew my mind – car trunks and hatchbacks turned into haunted houses, monster mouths, gingerbread houses, and more. But you all know me – this one’s my favorite:
To those that might criticize: “That isn’t scary!”, I have a response all ready to go: “It is if they lose!” Roll Tide!

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween,