When The Stars Don’t Align…

If you’re a regular reader of my Monday morning missives, you know how I feel about Keith Urban. That blonde hair, those good looks, that smiling face – just as good as that first cup of coffee on a Monday morning! I’m happily married, as you know, so I’m not eligible to date a fella like Keith. Plus, he’s married too.

Naturally, a gorgeous superstar hunk like Keith Urban is married to actress Nicole Kidman. She’s always beautiful, always graceful, and always manages to be connected to some of the most gorgeous guys around. Remember when she and Tom Cruise were the Brangelina of the 1990s? They ended the same way, too….

In addition to being a Keith Urban fan, I’m also a Tonight Show fan. I’ve been watching since the Carson era. It’s fun to see the celebrities hang out and chat, play games, and laugh about their upcoming projects. Current host Jimmy Fallon has taken it to a whole new level. Have you ever seen the Wheel of Musical Impressions bit where he and a celebrity guest parody famous singers? Check out this one with Ariana Grande – hilarious!

But just as funny as the planned skits was this episode, where Nicole Kidman told an unexpected story about her own dating past. Now which famous dreamy guy do you think Nicole was happy to dish about? Keith Urban? Tom Cruise?

How about her very own crush that got away – Jimmy Fallon himself. Jimmy was in shock!Align

I think my favorite moment comes a few minutes in: after Nicole has called him out for both answering the door in a dirty baseball cap and saying nothing more than ‘Hey’. She continues to reveal that Jimmy then turned on a video game. Fallon, to his credit, is embarrassed enough to crawl under his desk on live TV. I guess none of us are really safe from our humiliating dating stories.

But, come on! If five feet, eleven inches of Australian blonde bombshell turned up at your apartment door, wouldn’t you maybe wait until later to play video games? It doesn’t seem like Nicole was looking for all that much, just a guy who knew how to put together a cheese plate and have some light conversation would have been fine for a first date!

But alas, Nicole was not impressed with Jimmy’s attempts, and the chance for love fizzled out. In the end, Nicole decided she does look good in Keith’s shirt. But Nicole’s a gorgeous woman; I’m sure she would have looked good in Jimmy Fallon’s shirt too – if he could have found a clean one!

Happy Monday,