It was a tough election year, with divisive rhetoric and story after story that seemed to indicate that our United States is a country of people divided. I guess that’s why this Thanksgiving week I’m so very grateful to have stumbled upon a couple of stories about the kindness of strangers – different people from completely different walks of life who remind us that most of us out there are indeed generous, kindhearted people:

When a grandmother tried to reach out to her grandchildren via text to inform them about her Thanksgiving plans, she accidentally texted a wrong number. When one confused recipient asked who the text was from, Wanda Delch simply responded ‘Grandma!’ So the recipient, high school senior Jamal Hinton, asked for a photo. He had an inkling this wasn’t his grandma because she doesn’t know how to text.


“You not my grandma,” Hinton replied jokingly after seeing the photo Delch sent. “But can I still get a plate, tho?”

In true grandma fashion, Delch said ‘Of course!’ That’s what grandmothers do!” The families met in person last Wednesday night and now plan to spend the holiday together. Wanda Delch’s biggest concern about hosting strangers for Thanksgiving dinner? Finding a turkey big enough for twenty!

It’s not the first time this year that a texting mix-up has led to kindness and friendship. When Mark and Lindsay Lashley welcomed the birth of their new baby, they sent a mass text to friends with the good news. Recipient Dennis Williams received the message in error and replied ‘wrong number’, but offered his congratulations anyway. In fact, he kept replying through pictures and other information going back and forth across the group text. “Well, I don’t know y’all, but me and the boys will be thru to take a picture with the baby,” replied Williams. The new family laughed and gave them the hospital room number, unsure of what to expect.

Sure enough, Williams arrived with his brother bearing incredibly thoughtful gifts for new parents – diapers, bottles, and a pacifier. The whole experience went viral, and the Lashleys started receiving congratulations from all over the world.


As we celebrate the beginning of the holidays, and the end of a tough year, let’s cast aside the negative noise we’ve been hearing for months, and remember the spirit of the season, so beautifully illustrated by the people above.

Happy Thanksgiving,
~Bob and The Entire Matchmaker Logistics Team