Penalty Kicks and Goofy Hats

Although I’m not much of a gambler, I have been known to make a sports wager or two – particularly when my team (The Pittsburgh Steelers) is playing against Bob’s team (The New York Giants).Penalty

These bets started with a Giants-Steelers game several years ago. Bob and I were both so convinced our respective teams would win, we agreed that the loser would spend an entire day wearing the winner’s team hat around the office. Unfortunately, I lost that bet and had to wear a Giants cap for one dreadful day.

But, I got my revenge. Five years later, the Steelers and the Giants faced off again, and this time, the Giants fell hard in the fourth quarter. It was Bob’s turn to wear a goofy Steeler’s hat around the office all day.
Penalty So, here we are. Monday morning after another game against our rival team. And guess who’s wearing a hat?

Only this time, the stakes are higher. We agreed that the loser wouldn’t just wear the hat inside the office, but everywhere he or she goes today!

So, if you’d like to offer your condolences or your congratulations to Bob or me, or just razz us about the folly of making such bets, please feel free to do so.


Of course, it could have been even worse. I found this article with lots of creative ideas about betting punishments that included: leg waxing, human car wash, and a video of the loser lyp-synching to the winner’s song of choice (Think: I Touch Myself, Tiny Dancer, or Single Lades).

Here are a few others that cracked me up:

Target the Loser: As a former Target employee, I could have aced this one. I would, however, like to see Bob take on this challenge: The loser has to wear khaki pants and a red shirt & walk into the nearest Target store, approaching between 3 and 5 customers and asking if they need any assistance. Winner gets to watch…and laugh…and film!

The Embarrassed Loser Shops: The loser has to go to the grocery store on a Sunday morning before game time and find the busiest checkout lane. He/she has to purchase a large cucumber, condoms, and lube with no explanation – just a big smile.

How Do You Like Me Meow?: For one day, anytime the loser has to speak to someone (either on the phone or in person), he/she has to work the word “meow” into the conversation as in ” I’m going to end this blog meow. See you later!”Penalty

What about you? Are you prone to sports bet? What punishments have you endured or exacted? I’d love to know. If the Steelers and the Giants make it to the Superbowl, you’d better believe, we’re gonna get very, very creative!
Happy Monday,