Quick-What Rhymes with Shady?

Regular readers know I’m a sports fan through and through, so when the sports page makes the front page, I’m eager to chat about it! Yes, folks, it’s almost Super Bowl Sunday!

I’ll be enjoying the day the standard way – wings, nachos, beer – all the necessary elements for a perfect Super Bowl Party. But this year, I’ve got to admit – I’ll just be watching for the commercials.

First of all, I’m a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Without them in the big game, I’m only a fraction as excited as I would be. And second, the Atlanta Falcons are set to play the New England Patriots.

Now, I’m not sure if you’re a Falcons fan or a Patriots fan, but I’m neither. The Falcons never did much for me, and my dislike for the Patriots can be summed up in two words. Can you guess what they are?

Tom. Brady.

That’s right, the Patriots pretty boy quarterback really gets my blood boiling. And I’m not the only one! Plenty of people have made their own lists of the reasons to hate on Tom Brady, but here is mine:

10. He beats up on my Steelers. Tom Brady has a record of humbling a lot of teams, not the least of which are my own beloved Steelers. Brady
At this point? It feels personal.
9. He’s arrogant.Brady’s arrogance is legendary to NFL fans. He’s got a reputation for talking trash, laughing at scores, and thinking he can get away with cheating.
8. He lies.We’ll come back to this in #5.
7. He wins. I’ll admit it – I wouldn’t have such rage about this guy if he wasn’t consistently winning. But because of that, he’s always on TV, talking and laughing and being smug. Grrrrrrr.
6. He whines. Brady’s always the first to the sideline, stomping his feet and pouting at the refs. We’ll see what kind of fits he throws during this big game….

5. Deflategate. The 2015 controversy concluded that the New England Patriots had used slightly deflated footballs in their games, making the balls easier to catch, throw, and hold. Brady himself got off light with only a 4-game suspension.

4. He plays for Belichick. People call Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick a Beli-cheat for a reason!
3. He cheats. See #5. And #4!Brady
2. He can’t take a hit. It’s football! And not flag football, either. I admit it, I probably wouldn’t be the best at taking a tackle, either, but that’s why I’m not down on the field making the big bucks!

And the #1 reason I am not a Tom Brady fan…

1. He gives sportsmanship a bad name. When he gets hit, Brady tends to cry. Well, here’s a real, legit reason to cry. Even if you just have a minute or two, watch a little bit of this 10-minute compilation. You’ll see some of the finest, most heartwarming sportsmanship you’ve ever seen from children, amateur athletes, pros and parents. If you don’t already agree with my assessment of Tom Brady, this just might change your mind.


Now I’m off to await my favorite commercials of the year. Are you a Patriots fan? Do you disagree? I’d love to know why. Do you agree? Let me hear it; it would be great to add at least ten more reasons to my list!

Happy Monday,