The Mondayest Monday of Them All

It’s the Monday after Daylight Savings Time. Our clocks “sprung forward” (if you’ve actually gone to the trouble of changing your alarm clock, your car clock, your microwave clock, your answering machine clock, your oven clock, your coffee maker clock – you get the point..). And, we’re operating on even less sleep than usual.Daylight Savings

What’s up with that? Why does it take so long to recover from losing that one little hour? Heck, I’ve known people who’ve recovered from infectious diseases faster than I do from Daylight Savings Time!

And why does it have to happen on a Sunday? If the clocks are springing forward, why can’t it happen at 4 pm on a Friday? Better yet, as Josh Hara wrote on Twitter: ” If we can just manipulate time with daylight savings, what’s preventing us from just saying “**** it, tomorrow is Sunday again?”

Since I’m already sleep-deprived and a little on the grumpy side, let me just continue by sharing that it’s also Spring Break for my teenage and tween-age boys. So, this morning, as I sipped my Daylight Savings-size coffee, I also had to field questions like: “Mom, can I go to Game Stop today?”, “Mom, can a few of my buddies come over and hang out?”, “Mom, can I borrow the car?”
Sometimes, you stumble across someone who gets what it’s like to be you. When I read this article by humor writer Sheila Moss, I felt like she was right inside my throbbing head. Here are some of my favorite lines:
You Know It’s Daylight Savings Time When:Daylight Savings

• The timer on the coffee pot isn’t set right, and there is no coffee.
• The clock in your car has the right time for the first time since last October.
• You arrive for church an hour late – just as everyone else is leaving.
• Half the office arrives an hour late, saying they forgot to change the clock. (You secretly wonder why they did not arrive an hour early in October….)
• You take a two hour lunch break and say you forgot to change your wristwatch. (“getting even time.”)
• You have an extra hour of light in the evening – just enough time to mow the lawn.
Mow the lawn or shovel snow – can we talk about the weather? The other day it was 77-degrees here in Alabama and this past weekend the forecast called for snow! Can you imagine shoveling snow the day after Daylight Savings Time while your children sleep in because it’s Spring Break? Monday couldn’t get any more Monday-i-er.

I did find one ingenious way to get my hour back. Bryan Donaldson suggested this Daylight Savings Hack on Twitter: “Go watch The Hobbit. That felt at least 4 hours long, didn’t it? Nope, it was only 3. Boom, you got your hour back!”

Happy Monday,