Snakes on the Brain

snakesI had one of those rare, but wonderful days recently, where you finish your work and are still full of energy. So I decided to tackle one of the required beginning-of-summer tasks on my To Do list – cleaning the pool deck. Off I went, determined and focused, ready to get the pool deck clean for long summer days. And then I saw it.

A snake.

We’ve talked about snakes before, haven’t we?

I don’t like them. They’re long, they’re creepy, they bite things to death, or worse, squeeze them – blegh. Admittedly, maybe I had a case of Snakes on the Brain as I was anticipating my upcoming flight to Las Vegas. I qualified for another national pool tournament, so I was flying out there to compete. (After an exciting winning streak, I lost a match and finished 33rd.)

Snakes. And Planes. Ugh. I once tried watching that movie, Snakes on a Plane because I wanted to face my fear. I turned it on….and had to turn it off less than halfway through. I just couldn’t handle it.

For those of you giggling at me, saying: ‘It’s just a movie!’ I have news for you. It could be real. A 2016 Aeromexico flight was given emergency landing as a giant snake emerged from above their heads. That is literally my nightmare.

No word on whether or not it was poisonous, but it was three feet long and poised to strike any unsuspecting passenger (who may or may not have been on their way to a pool tournament in Las Vegas!).

As for my pool deck intruder? I wasn’t about to handle that. I called my husband at work and told him to bring himself home and deal with the likely-poisonous nest of snakes on our pool deck. (I only saw the one – but surely a nest would follow?)

And because he’s the same sweetheart I married all those years ago, he did. He rushed right home to save me…from a plastic toy sword handle. It really looked like a snake, okay? In my defense, it even fooled my husband at first glance.

Better safe than sorry, I always say!

Happy Monday,