Why I Disagree with This 4-Year-Old Girl

father's daySee that little girl down below? Her name is Hadley. And, although she may be cute, we’re going to have to disagree on a very important issue. You see, Hadley wouldn’t wish her Paw-Paw (grandfather) a Happy Father’s Day because “he wasn’t her daddy”. Her staunch refusal to recognize a very important male role model in her life landed her a guest appearance on the NBC show hosted by Steve Harvey, Little Big Shots.

What little Hadley doesn’t yet understand is that biology has nothing to do with being a great dad. I didn’t meet the most important father figure in my life until I was ten years old. In 1982, after dating my mother for just six weeks, the man I now proudly call ‘Daddy’ married my mother. 35 years later, they’re still happily married, and I cannot imagine life without him.

My daddy is a wonderful man. He has always supported me in everything I have done or hope to do in life. He is a great listener, and, he gives me great advice when I ask for it. Even when I was growing up, if I got into trouble, Daddy would patiently listen to my side of the story before deciding my punishment.

Step-dads, adoptive dads, foster dads, mentors, uncles, grandfathers – the list goes on. Sometimes, those who father (and mother) us best aren’t the ones who birthed us. In honor of my Daddy and every nontraditional parent out there, I celebrate you!

As for little Miss Hadley, her clip is as cute as it can be (click below). Although her four-year-old logic is pretty sound, I’m sure she’ll look back one day and realize that everyone who makes a positive difference in a child’s life deserves respect and recognition.

father's day

Happy Monday,