I Got a New (90 Pound) Puppy!

great daneMaybe it’s because my boys are all becoming young (nearly grown) men, but I’ve been wanting a new ‘baby’ around the house for a few years. When a friend recently sent me the link to a rescue facility seeking adoptive parents for a gorgeous, full-blooded Great Dane puppy, my maternal instincts kicked right in. It was love at first sight. And I became obsessed; I knew Carly belonged with us.

Then, I almost got my heart broken. When I called to inquire, Two by Two Rescue informed me that Carly had just been claimed by another couple. I thought my chances at adopting her were gone. But the other couple already had two small, older dogs, and the director wasn’t sure if Carly’s boundless, big puppy energy would mesh well their subdued petite poodles. In the end, the director did not approve the adoption, which meant that Carly still needed a home.

great daneWe got a call asking us to drop by the rescue at noon that weekend to meet one-year-old Carly, and an hour later, she was officially ours.

Would you believe it? This is my first time adopting a pet. But not my first dog – I grew up around Great Danes, and I think they’re wonderful dogs. People have the tendency to be scared of them, due to their size and their loud bark, but there’s a reason they call them Gentle Giants! Growing up, my family’s dogs were big babies who wanted nothing more than to be lap dogs.

Of course, our house already has a reigning king – Sir Sir, our cat. Sir Sir has definitely made Carly aware that he is the boss. On their first encounter, Sir Sir swatted Carly across the face, leaving poor Carly with a claw mark in her cheek! Needless to say, after Sir Sir’s rude welcome, they keep their distance from one another…for now.

Carly loves her new home and has developed a great relationship with us. In fact, she loves to use her massive size to hop up on her hind legs and hug my shoulders.

However, she’s already decided on her favorite family member, and it’s not me (or Sir Sir, that’s for sure.) It’s my son, Timothy! Timothy and Carly are getting along great, save for one minor logistical error: Carly wants to get in bed with him. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they’re not going to both fit.

Though if I’m being honest? One day soon, I fully expect to find Carly sleeping in Timothy’s bed, and Timothy on the floor beside her!

Happy Monday,