KISS Another Year Goodbye


Kiss BirthdayGot your coffee? Well, grab a slice of cake to go along with it, because HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  That’s right, today is my birthday. This is a pre-written dispatch from my desk, as I have taken the day off work to spend quality time with me, myself and I.

I have a full day of pampering planned. First off, manicure and pedicure. There’s nothing like starting your special day dozing off in one of those big massage chairs. After I’ve got my claws looking fabulous, I’ll head to the outlets for a bit of retail therapy. On my birthday, I like to shop until I drop – and I drop right into an air-conditioned movie theater seat for two hours of relaxed entertainment.  I will not be cooking dinner this evening – that’s one of the special things my lovely husband does for me on my birthday. He cooks, he cleans, I eat and relax on the couch with the spoils of my shopping trip.

I’ll be 46 this year – no hemming and hawing about age, it’s a good thing to own it! After all, I learned about owning your style from one of the most iconic bands of all time – KISS.

With their sequined space jumpsuits, big boots, and black and white makeup, KISS look more like superheroes than rock stars. And not for nothing – the foursome have been the stars of movies and even their own comic book, while also taking time to make it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Kiss Birthday

The original lineup was like something out of an Avengers movie. Guitarist and singer Paul Stanley was known as The Starchild. Bassist and singer Gene Simmons freaked everyone out with his freakishly long tongue and evil persona of The Demon. Drummer Peter Criss went animalistic with his persona of The Catman, and Ace Frehley, lead guitarist was Space Ace, or The Spaceman. Imagine being a teenager and finding out that those awesome songs on the radio were played by a team of costumed superheroes! How cool is that?

I love KISS. My brother and I used to rock out to them as kids, but were never hard core enough to paint our own faces just for a concert. We did, however, watch them on television, and I’ll always remember one of the most iconic moments in music history – the first time KISS appeared on TV without their signature makeup. I’ll never forget it because it was on my birthday, September 18th, in 1983!

The connection between KISS and my birthday goes on. In the year 1978, all four KISS members released solo albums – also on September 18th!

Kiss BirthdayAs a fan, it’s pretty great to feel like you get a gift from your favorite band on your birthday. In more recent years, KISS news hasn’t been as exciting, but I have enjoyed watching KISS front man Gene Simmons on his  “Family Jewels” reality show about his family. I guess if Ozzy got his own reality show, fellow rocker Gene wanted one too!


Happy Birthday to me; Happy Monday to you!