The “Spirit” of Competition

It’s coming. The big secret no one is expecting. Hidden from sight! Obscured from vision! It’s—it’s—Mary and Dale’s Secret Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is tomorrow night, and I can’t wait. My husband Dale and I dress up in themed matching costumes every year to attend a local Halloween party with a great contest.

This year, I’m really going for a win (yes, I say even Halloween is a good excuse to get competitive!) so Dale and I are keeping our costumes totally secret until the party. Sorry, Mary Monday fans.

What I can reveal are some of our great photos of the past.

Last year, we were a pair of matching pirates, complete with stripes and clip-on earrings.


2015 was one of my favorite years – we were the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood! As you can see, a few factors can make us lean toward one costume or another. I don’t mind suffering for the look – it’s the one time I’ll willingly wear a corset – while Dale wants to be comfy.


For this year’s ideas, I turned to Buzzfeed and Pinterest. I need us to win this contest, and out there in the realms of the internet, there are some clever couples. So, I let them inspire me.

With our family hunting trip being a favorite time of year, I like these slightly twisted taxidermy couple (below), don’t you? Cute and eerie, all at the same time.


I think my favorite is the technology-inspired couple (below). Not only are they comfy and cheap, they are truly bone chilling. In this day and age, what’s more terrifying than low batteries or weak Wi-Fi signal? That’s one way to terrorize today’s children!


Wish me luck tomorrow night – but rest assured – whether we win or lose, we’ll definitely have a spook-tacular time!  I hope you do too. If you love dressing up as much as I do, send me photos of your Halloween costumes.  It’s never too early to start strategizing for next year….

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween,