Tiny Superhero Feeds The Homeless

The internet’s newest superhero might not have a movie about him like Captain America, or Batman. He doesn’t have magical gadgets or a billion-dollar supercar. In fact, he doesn’t even have his driver’s license.

He does, however, have a great big heart, a cool hashtag (#ShowLove), and a super supportive dad.

Austin Perrine of Birmingham, AL, or President Austin, as he styles himself, would swim in Spider-Man’s glove and boots. And, his legs are too short to reach the pedals on the Batmobile. After all, Austin is only four years old.

He was called to the superhero lifestyle after watching a panda-themed nature program with his dad, TJ. After learning that mother pandas were occasionally forced to leave their babies without homes, Austin had questions. Those questions led to Austin asking his dad about human homelessness. When he learned that people in his own community were homeless and hungry, Austin bravely and selflessly embarked on a mission.

Once a week, President Austin dons his #ShowLove t-shirt and cape, spending his allowance money on chicken sandwiches for the homeless. His hot meal comes with no conditions and no requirements, only that the recipients try to help Austin spread his message: “Don’t forget to show love!” It’s even inspired a popular hashtag. When asked by CBS News why Austin likes to feed the homeless, he simply stated: “It’s the right thing to do.”


It’s hard not to show love when a four-year-old superhero with the powers of generosity and adorableness turns up to brighten your day, so most folks are more than happy to pay the love forward. After CBS News covered Austin’s crusade last week, Burger King stepped in to offer Austin all the free chicken sandwiches he needed to help the homeless.


With all this reach, Austin and his dad realized they had a chance to make a significant change in their community. TJ has since helped his super-son set up a website to raise money for their mission, collecting well over fifty thousand dollars to work with new and existing centers for the homeless population. Their goal is to help locals get the support and skills they need to re-enter the job market.

It’s amazing what superheroes can do when backed by super-parents!

Happy Monday,

P.S.  Don’t forget to #ShowLove today!