In Awe of the French Spider-Man

From the Not-All-Heroes-Wear-Capes files (some of our favorite files, here at Matchmaker Logistics,) I bring you all the recent story of Mamoudou Gassama, “The French Spider-Man,” and last week’s real-life superhero.

It was a normal day in Paris when the 22-year-old saw an alarming sight – a baby dangling off of a fourth-story building facing the street. So, he did what any of us would do – scaled four stories of an apartment complex, bare-handed, to save a child.

It sounds completely unbelievable, and I might not believe it myself, if it weren’t for the fact that there’s video of the whole thing. See for yourself:

french spider-man

Okay, I say that he does what any of us would do, but clearly Mamoudou Gassama’s quick-thinking and brute strength here are something almost super-human. No matter how much any of us would want to try and rescue a baby in danger, I could definitely not climb walls like that. I’m not even sure I can do a pull-up at the gym! And even if I had the strength, I’m also very scared of heights. Can you imagine? Having superhuman gifts to climb or fly and being too scared of heights to use them? That would be me, all right.

Luckily, it was The French Spider-Man who was near that balcony that day, and not me. The toddler was safely returned to his parents. And, for his bravery and heroism, Gassama has been recognized by the French government. A migrant worker from the nation of Mali, Gassama is being rewarded for saving a French citizen with French citizenship of his own.

Since it all ended happily, I don’t feel too badly bringing up the one question I had while watching the video. …what’s up with the adult on the balcony not being able to heft the baby up and over? The kid isn’t that big; what kept him from just lifting the baby up? I laughed even harder when I saw that Daily Show host Trevor Noah had similar thoughts, and even managed to do the accents. Take a look:

french spider-man

Happy Monday,

P.S.  Wondering where the parents were and what the neighbor had to say about his actions?  Here’s the scoop.