It’s True Love, Can’t You See?

Love is blind, or so they say…. But true love? It’s got eyes and it sees everything, just ask my hubby Dale. This Valentine’s Day, he covered all of the bases: beautiful flowers, a sweet card, chocolates in a heart-shaped box, and…wait for it…reading glasses!

If heading for the corner of CVS to peruse reading glasses for your wifey sounds a pinch unromantic compared to, say, a fluffy teddy bear or swanky candlelit dinner, think again. Monday through Friday, for years, I’ve been staring at not one or two – but three – computer monitors for nine hours or more per day. Naturally, my eyesight was beginning to suffer (The Flamingos croon I only have eyes for you… but I had eyes for nobody!). What I needed was a solution, and my husband saw that for me.

My good friend said, “Isn’t that true love? Giving your sweetie reading glasses to “see” how much he loves you?” It may be corny, but I say yes!

Dale’s been wearing reading glasses for years, but I’m just now reaching the stage where I really need them (for most people, that time comes after you roll over the hill, 40 and up). Feel like you need a flashlight to read your computer screen? Arm getting tired from holding your book farther and farther away? It might be time for you to join the club and find your frames, too. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the fogged-up steam from hot coffee, the can’t find your glasses hunts, the oh-never-mind they’re-on top-of-my head realizations…. It’s super fun, I promise!

Most people start with the lowest strength glasses, +1 diopter, a.k.a. the measurement of the lenses’ power. I got my start at +1.5 (I have always been a high achiever!). The max for glasses you can pick up just about anywhere is +3.5- and then it’s time for the big leagues. According to eye docs, each decade you go up about half a unit, which means Dale and I have got plenty of V-day’s ahead of us for eyewear accessories, and diamonds are not only for jewelry: luxury eyewear is definitely a thing, wink-wink!

Perhaps the best part of having great eyesight again, though, is my ability to kick butt at board games. I’ll need my reading glasses for family game night from now on. Otherwise, it might look like this.


Happy Monday,
~ Mary