Debt-Free in West Virginia

As some of you may remember, I have a bit of a history with credit cards. When the cashier tells me I stand to save 50% with a new loyalty card, it’s tough to say no to that sweet, smiling face! Southern ladies aim to please (and then, there is that great outdoor furniture set at Target!). But today, I’m celebrating a whole new lifestyle: I’m 100% credit card debt-free, and I plan to keep it that way with good ol’ fiscal responsibility.

Here’s the thing, though. Years back, I told my husband Dale that once we were debt-free, I’d move to West Virginia with him. We want to be closer to his family. There’s just one problem: they live in the middle of nowhere. As the Welcome sign says, West Virginia is Wild and Wonderful, which is another way of saying very, very rural!

The town we’d like to relocate to is called Orma. It’s one hour north of the capital city Charleston, whose population is less than half of its sunny ‘sister’ namesake in South Carolina.

While we’d have plenty of free time for family and deer huntin’ out there, opportunities for retail therapy are few and far between. Walmart is 45 minutes away. The nearest gas station? A full 20-minute drive. I’m going to have to get better at paying attention to how much fuel is in the tank.

west virginia

I’ve started house searching just for fun, and my search has turned up some pretty dire results. I love me some camo, but painted on the face of the actual building?! I did find one fairly nice place, though, which is listed for $13,000,000. Hey, if I had $63,192 a month for the mortgage payment, I’d be set!

west virginia

This “sophisticated & luxurious retreat” comes with “countless unique & custom features” including a huge jacuzzi, home gym, sauna, wine cellar, and even some tennis courts. Upon closer look, though, I’m not sure the design is up my alley (or… anyone’s?). I’d have to totally strip the carpet (multi-patterned with stars, squares, and diamonds), repaint the walls (that’s a lotta burgundy), and redo the window treatments (they’re a pinch too Beauty and the Beast haunted mansion-style).

west virginia

Photo Credit: John Sibold, Sr.

To make this house a home, I’d need a lot of trips to Target. And another credit card. Perhaps, we should stay right here in Alabama.

Happy Monday,