Bob Skane

President (Extension 123)

Bob Skane, Logistics Owner Operator

Bob is no stranger to the word “overtime”. In fact, even in his spare time, he plays with “OverTyme”, a popular local “classic rock” cover band with regular gigs at area restaurants and clubs. Bob plays guitar and sings.

Bob has dedicated his career to building the family business. He earned a BA in Economics from Providence College in 1986 and an MBA from University of North Carolina Wilmington in 1995. In 2001, he became a Certified Transportation Broker by successfully completing the online courses offered by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Today, he leads the Matchmaker Logistics team in all areas of the business.

In addition to moonlighting as a musician, Bob enjoys spending weekends with ‘his girls’: Amy, his wife of 19 years, and his two daughters, Emily and Chloe. A Golden Retriever named Rosie is also part of the family. Bob and Amy met while playing competitive Ultimate Frisbee at UNC-W (The University of North Carolina at Wilmington). These days, they enjoy an occasional round of golf and relaxation poolside at the Pine Valley Country Club. Bob is also a self-proclaimed “bookworm”. And, he’s not just serious about running a successful business; he is also a serious New York Giants fan!

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