Cody Polk

Carrier Sales Representative (Extension 125)

cody-polkCarrier Sales Rep Cody Polk hails from the little, landlocked farm town of Greenfield, Indiana (a half hour outside Indianapolis). He grew up on farmland, and he and his wife even got married in his parents’ picture-perfect barn. The story of how he made it to Wilmington’s a good one; it started all the way back in high school.

Cody’s known his wife, Andi, since high school. They didn’t date back then; they found each other in their college years. Andi had always dreamed of living at the beach. When he decided that he wanted to propose, Cody planned a big surprise. He asked a relative who lives in southeastern North Carolina for the most romantic coastal proposal spots, and then took Andi to Bald Head Island. As the sun was setting and dolphins swam offshore, Cody, who loves photography, brought out his tripod and camera, saying he wanted to take some photos. With the two of the them positioned in front of the tripod, and the camera automatically snapping frame after frame, Cody got down on one knee.

Back home in Indiana, Cody and Andi started researching ways they could relocate to realize Andi’s dream of living at the beach. Andi, found a corporate job here in Wilmington, and Cody followed, trusting that everything would work out! It certainly did for us; Cody’s background in customer service was a natural fit for Matchmaker Logistics.

When he’s not covering loads, Cody enjoys bass fishing and portrait photography. He also loves cooking, grilling, and listening to music. He and his wife have two cats, Dexter and Prim, and the whole family likes to spend evenings watching movies. (We knew he’d fit right in, here at Matchmaker, when Cody told us his favorite films are the Marvel superhero movies!)

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