Kendra Rhodes

Carrier Sales Representative (Extension 122)


Kendra Rhodes has an elite status in this town; she’s one of the few true locals, born and raised in Wilmington, NC. In fact, she learned that Matchmaker Logistics was hiring a Carrier Sales Rep via a friend she’s had since elementary school! Kendra was even a part of one of the first graduating classes of Eugene Ashley High School, home of the Screaming Eagles.

Although she may have been a Screaming Eagle in her high school days, she’s quiet by nature. Shortly after being hired, Kendra witnessed a dramatic decibel difference when Vice-President, Mary Nicholas spent a few days working in the office! When asked if she intended to weigh in on the long-standing office sports rivalry between Bob and Mary, Kendra quipped: “I’m more into shopping than sports.”

It makes sense. Prior to joining the Matchmaker team, Kendra was the Assistant Manager of a beachwear store for several years where she was on the receiving end of the logistics process. But now, Kendra loves being on the brokerage side: “I really love it”, she says, “there is such a sense of excitement and satisfaction when I book a load!”

Outside of work, Kendra is a busy Mom with a fourteen-year-old boy and a eight-year-old “artistic, sports loving” daughter. In addition to keeping up with the kids, Kendra and her boyfriend, Kenny, also have a doberman mix named Mya.

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