Reid Setliff

Carrier Sales Representative (Extension 127)

reid-setliffIf you’re born and raised in Greenville, NC like Carrier Sales Rep Reid Setliff, two things are for sure—you’re an ECU Pirates fan and you know the secret to grilling great chicken is Uncle Yammy’s barbeque sauce.

Down South, it isn’t difficult finding proof that it’s a small world. In fact, Reid found his true love thanks to some motherly matchmaking. Reid’s mother and Liz’s mother both started work at the same hospital on the same day. The two became fast friends. As the decades passed, the two moms remained in touch. Their children had never really hung out due to a sizable age gap (Reid is eight years older than Liz.) But many years later, when the two mothers got together for a visit, a now-grown-up Liz decided to tag along. Reid and Liz hit it off during that visit, and the rest is history.

Reid stayed close to his family and his grandmother’s home cooking during college, attending ECU. After graduating with a degree in Business Science, Reid made his way into the corporate world. Prior to joining Matchmaker Logistics, he worked in the Logistics/Packaging department of a foreign-owned, tier-one automotive manufacturer. But his job required a long-distance relationship with Liz, who resided in Wilmington. Reid decided to research the Wilmington job market and found his way to Matchmaker Logistics headquarters, where he joined our team.

On March 10, 2018, the local Matchmaker Logistics team witnessed the wedding of Reid and Liz. And, Reid, a true logistics professional at heart, says they’re right on track according to his seven-year plan. Adopt a dog? Check. A beautiful female German Shephard named Kai. Buy a custom-designed engagement ring with stones from both his family and hers? Check. Get married? Check. What’s next? A house and a couple of baby carriages, of course. The one thing he doesn’t see happening in his future? Beating his wife, Liz, at ping pong!

When he’s not losing ping pong matches, Reid enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities including: camping, skiing, running, disc golfing, and playing volleyball with Liz at Captain Bill’s, a Wilmington institution.


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