Vincent Hagedorn

Carrier Sales Representative (Extension 126)

vincent-hagedornBorn in Okinawa, Japan, Vince Hagedorn is the son of a military man—Air Force, to be exact. Like a lot of military kids, he’s well-traveled. After growing up in Goldsboro, NC, Vince studied abroad in Germany during his gap year (the year between high school and college), where he learned conversational German. When he returned to the States, Vince enrolled at UNC-W, where he met his now-fiancée, Amanda. It’s a funny story: they both lived in a freshman dorm that was divided into a girls’ side and a boys’ side. They were on the same floor and even in the same room, on their respective sides of the building.

Today, Amanda and Vince have an adorable baby girl named Hailey. She’s Matchmaker royalty because she was born the day of our annual retreat and Christmas party. We missed having Vince at the Matchmaker retreat, but we all forgave him as soon as we saw that sweet little girl!

Although Vince (a.k.a. V-Money) works as a Carrier Sales Rep, he’s quickly earned another title around the office: Chief Nickname Giver. His creative nicknames always seem to stick—just ask Special K (Kendra), C-Biscuit (Cody), or Sour Patch (Reid). His own nickname predates his days at Matchmaker, harkening back to Vince’s experience in the restaurant industry, where his charm and efficient service made him a top earning server every night.

As for his hobbies, Vince was a highly skilled soccer player in high school and he still enjoys playing for fun. He follows FC Barcelona and tries to watch every game. Vince also loves the beach, his dogs, and mastering the art of crockpot cooking. But, most importantly, since his fiancée works weekends, Vince’s downtime is actually Daddy Time. That works out perfectly since cuddling with Hailey is his favorite activity of all.

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