Kids Weigh in on Dads

This year, I’ve already received an early Father’s Day gift from my daughters: I got to see myself through their eyes. In fact, these portraits represent me. As a treat for fathers everywhere, we were inspired to create a questionnaire for kids entitled: “Matchmaker Logistics Fun Facts About Dad”. You can download it here and have the children in your life fill it out.

My kids, Emily (age 11) and Chloe (age 6), were the first to try out our questionnaire. Here’s how they perceive a day in the life of their dad:

Matchmaker Questionnaire Chloe

Both girls agree that the first thing I do every morning is make lunches for them to take to school.   Then, I’m off to work. Emily says my job is to “take freight around the world”, whereas Chloe succinctly describes what I do as “sending trucks”. For lunch, I apparently enjoy my favorite foods – “pizza” and “pasta” – talk about carb loading! But, I’ll need all of that energy, because when I get home, I will “play games, read to them, and make them laugh.”

Portrait of me, by my daughter, Chloe
Matchmaker Portrait Chloe Skane

Emily says I’m really great at “singing and playing the guitar”, whereas Chloe thinks I’m good at “helping people.” Fathers are superheroes in their children’s eyes, and my children think my superhero name should be either “Mr. Awesome,” “Batman” or “Suger Daddy” (sic). LOL!  Why? Well, Chloe says it’s because “he would do anything for us” (she’s right!) and Emily says it’s because “he cares and watches me and gives me more than I deserve.”
If anyone has more than he deserves, it’s me. Of course, I’m not the only lucky guy out there, so, go ahead – give this questionnaire to the children in your life and share their responses with their dads. Like the fathers in this video, you’ll be tickled, touched, and humbled by the kids’ candid answers and their unique perspective on fatherhood.

Matchmaker Portrait Emily Skane

One question on the sheet is: “My Dad always says_________.” Both of my girls filled in the blank with “I love you.”  Forget barbecue tongs, t-shirts, ties and soap-on-a-rope; for a parent, there is no better gift than to love and be loved.

Fill in the blanks for your father this weekend,


P.S.  We’d love for you to share your “Fun Facts About Dad sheets” with us.  Happy Father’s Day!