Can You See Me Now?

It’s that time of year again. While the rest of you are defrosting turkeys, preparing for visits with family, and trying to determine which local grocery store is open on Thanksgiving Day for last-minute purchases, I will be in the middle of nowhere turning out lumberjack-style breakfasts for my family and friends as their official Camp Fry Cook!

We don’t exactly rough it – we have a camper and a roof over our heads, but there’s no plumbing, no cellphone service, and certainly no big screen to watch the game. Without entertainment like TV and cellphones, our weekend is dominated by our favorite family pastime – hunting! And we get serious with it – the entire family participates, with cash money prizes on the line for bagging the biggest buck. Maybe it’s the isolation that makes us a little crazy, but we get creative when it comes to figuring out how to win that money.

My plan this year? Become one with the forest. If I can outfit myself in head to toe camouflage, those deer won’t stand a chance. Real camouflage, of course, not that girly pink stuff; that’s only used for hunting flamingos. I look more like this:Camo

Currently, the only item that isn’t camouflaged when I hunt is my wedding ring. A lady like me does in fact wear her diamonds hunting. And, other than occasionally snagging them on my gloves, they don’t keep me from bringing home the bacon (or venison, as it were.)Camo

These days, they make everything camo – from lingerie to bathrobes to hair straigteners. Believe me, if I had a place to plug in a camouflage hair straightener, I would!

And, in case you haven’t already seen them, they also make camouflage wedding rings. Camo on the band, bling on the top, they’re perfect for the dedicated hunter who is also a classy lady – for example, this entire set can be yours for less than $50! Or, you can invest in the real deal, spending hundreds or thousands, at sites like Camo Ever After.

I’m so inspired, I think I’ll go tell my Dale right now that I’d like some dedicated hunting bling as an early Christmas present. If only I could find him….


Happy Monday,