Way Funnier Than Face Time

Remember the days when you had to actually be in an office to have a meeting? Today, between conference calls, email chains, and video chat apps, we can meet with clients and vendors all over the world without ever leaving our desks. Well, that is as long as everyone is actually paying attention…

I won’t lie – I love the freedom and flexibility of being able to get work done while I’m on the go. But like any new technology, the benefits also present new challenges. If you’ve ever tried to join a conference call, or make plans with a group via email, you’ve probably seen how things can go awry pretty quickly.

Sometimes, there’s just no replacing the value of an in-person meetup with industry professionals and luminaries hailing from across the country. Enter the Transportation Intermediaries Association – an industry association for third party logistics companies like Matchmaker Logistics. As part of my ongoing efforts to stay on top of
developments, I attended last month’s meeting.

The Transportation Intermediaries Association, or TIA, hosts events a few times a year, conferences that allow 3PL owners to get together in the same room, shake some hands, and put faces with the names we’ve been emailing all year. Additionally, it’s an opportunity for professionals in our world to share some of the specific trends, tips, and even frustrations developing in our rapidly-changing industry.

This year, there was a lot of focus on data tracking. With GPS, the internet, and 4G cell phone coverage just about everywhere, there’s never been more data available to us. But is all data useful? And how do we use the data available to us to optimize the work we do? These are big questions, and let me tell you – it’s a lot easier to brainstorm the answers when we’re all sitting in the same room instead of on a conference call.

Check out these hilarious videos that were shared with the attendees – a great reminder that there really is no replacement for meeting in person!

Email in Real Life

conference call

Conference Calls in Real Life

conference call

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