The Superhero of Savings

savingsIf you’re a regular reader of my bi-weekly missives, you know that the Matchmaker Logistics team calls itself ‘The Superheroes of Shipping.’ Truth is, we’re not just the Superheroes of Shipping, we’re also The Superheroes of Savings. Take an example that happened this Spring:

In March 2017, one of our clients reached out to us, inquiring about a drayage rate from Norfolk, VA to Bensenville, IL. She told us her regular drayage company was unable to assist with the four containers arriving the following week, and she needed a solution.

We asked our client if she’d object to having the containers transloaded at a local warehouse in Norfolk and then put on a dry van to deliver to Bensenville. When she said she’d consider it, we contacted our drayage carrier in Norfolk. In the past, they’ve assisted us in picking up, stripping, and loading containers onto vans for another client. They agreed to help out again with the four containers for this client.

The drayage carrier quoted us $819.00 per container. This included picking up the container, stripping it, storing the freight in their warehouse for up to three days, and reloading the freight onto our choice of dry van trailer. The rate for the dry van to take each container from Norfolk, VA to Bensenville, IL was $1,403.01. This put the total cost per container at $2,222.01.

When we sent the quote to our client, she was thrilled. It turned out that she’d been paying $3,576.00 per container on the same route. Why were her costs so much higher before? Basically, she’d been paying for a round trip, even though the shipment was one-way. After delivery, the drayage carrier had to bring the empty container back to Norfolk, VA, and that was factored into the price.

By opting for Matchmaker’s solution, and transloading the shipment instead, our client saved her company $1,353.99 per container-a 38% savings per load! She was so pleased that she’s continued to give us more shipments as they come in.

We were proud to offer yet another sensible shipping solution to one of our valued customers, and we look forward to being your Superheroes of Shipping -and Savings – for many years to come!

Fuel for Thought,