Santa Drives a (Well-Decorated) Semi

To my knowledge, all logistics professionals are big fans of Santa Claus. It’s easy to see why – he’s a jolly, hard-working fellow best known for his ability to get things where they need to go on a seemingly impossible timeline.

Over the years, this tireless commitment to getting presents where they need to be on Christmas morning has some people questioning the reality of Mr. Claus’s existence. They insist he can’t be real because no one could get all of those presents to all those homes overnight!

But to logistics professionals like us? That’s exactly the kind of magic we’re familiar with. We believe in Santa Claus because we’ve been there – heck, we consider the big guy a co-worker!

I was pleasantly surprised to find there are others who share that sentiment. Country artist Keith Harling recorded a catchy honky-tonk tune called “Santa’s Got a Semi”. The lyrics tell how when Santa’s sleigh won’t hold all his gifts, he opts for a festive convoy of semi trucks instead. And, let me tell you, if, like Santa, you’re ever in the market for a festive big rig, there are plenty to choose from!

drivers spread holiday cheer

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It seems that truck drivers are just as jolly as Santa Claus, spreading Christmas cheer on the highways all season long. Take a look at the video above, which features some spectacularly creative truck decorations.

Festive rides aren’t the only similarities between Santa and truck drivers. Think about it….Santa has his own genre of music; so do truckers. Just like Santa, truck drivers have been the heroes of countless movies and TV shows. Santa has to maneuver in tight spaces like chimneys; truckers have to do a lot of tricky maneuvering, too. Santa is a guy who’s larger than life, yet he has a big heart and he devotes his life to work that makes others happy.  Sounds like most of the truckers I know….

Could it be that Santa and truckers are one and the same? They both represent the spirit of Christmas. And, without them, we wouldn’t have toys in children’s stockings, food on our holiday tables, or presents under the tree.


Fuel for Thought,