Spring Cleaning Logistics-Style

It’s almost here – the first day of Spring – and it couldn’t be more welcome after the crazy winter we’ve had. I couldn’t be more ready to put up the heavy coats and blankets and spring into action – spring cleaning action, that is.

I’ve written before about my love of spring cleaning. I’m a self-admitted clean freak, and I don’t do it all alone. I love to recruit the whole family to help with different chores, but this year, I’m wondering if there’s another way I can get some help…

spring cleaningRobots. (After all, we logistics professionals are all about efficiency!)

The idea of robot household helpers is no longer as far-fetched as the Jetsons. Getting your own robotic cleaning staff doesn’t require a trip to the moon – they’re patiently waiting in little boxes at your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Most folks are familiar with the Roomba, a robotic vacuum invention that not only wanders around on its own schedule to clean your floors, it provides hours of entertainment for household pets.

But you might be surprised to hear about the other space-age spring cleaning gadgets on the cutting edge of the housekeeping industry. If you’ve got family that are reluctant to pick up a mop and help this spring, consider replacing them with one of these friendly cleaning robots!

Take Bruno, the “Smart Can.” He’s so smart, I can’t believe someone (me!) didn’t invent him first. A little slit at the bottom of the can eliminates the need for dustpans.

Anything you sweep up to Bruno, he’ll happily gobble up. He’s not as mobile as his friend the Roomba, but he speaks to your smartphone and comes in five colors.

Is there someone in your family that only wants the outside chores? Hold them to it with a robot friend of their very own: this motorized grill brush with heavy duty steam-cleaning power.

spring cleaning

But not all of the best modern cleaning inventions use robot power! Take this Leaf Loader, for instance – no programming required, just good engineering! Perfect for the old-fashioned technophobe who wants a hand with the yard work.

spring cleaning

Speaking of people power, I even found the perfect cleaning accessory for the one member of your family who can’t quite say ‘no’ to helping with the cleaning yet: the Baby Mop. But be sure to read the reviews – this unique cleaning device may require a little troubleshooting.

spring cleaning

Happy Monday,