I Lost On Jeopardy

long haulMe: “Alex, I’ll take Truck Driver Nicknames for two hundred dollars.”
Trebek: “This truck driver hauls refrigerated food transports, sharing his nickname with the trucks themselves.”
Me: “Who is a Reefer?”
Trebek: “Yes, Bob, that is correct.”

Me: “Truck Driver Nicknames for four hundred dollars.”
Trebek: “A truck driver who moves the contents of high-end residential homes across the country is called this.”
Me: (completely stumped): “What is a Home Hauler?”
Trebek: “That is incorrect. Next contestant – Sheila?”
Sheila: “What is a Bedbugger?”
Trebek:  “Yes.”
Sheila: “Alex, I’ll take 19th Century France for two hundred dollars.”

And just like that, it would be over. You might think that with three decades in the transportation industry, I’d be able to ace a category like Truck Diver Nicknames. But, truth is, I didn’t know a lot of these nicknames until I read an article on Longreads.com by Finn Murphy.

Murphy is a long-haul mover (or a “bedbugger”), specializing in high-end executive relocation of movie stars, ambassadors, and corporate bigwigs.. Even though he drives a “roach coach”, his big rig is much fancier than a U-Haul. It’s easy to see how hard these drivers work, but the part of the story that most caught my eye were the derisive names that various types of long-haul truckers have for one another.

long haul

Here are a few more, listed Jeopardy-style:

Answer: These truck drivers risk their lives carrying hazardous materials on our nation’s highways.
Question: Who are Suicide Jockeys?

Answer: These drivers transport parked cars, primarily to auto dealerships.
Question: Who are Parking Lot Attendants?

Answer: Drivers of flatbed tractor trailers share this nickname with the likes of Tony Hawk.
Question:  Who are Skateboarders?

Answer:  You wouldn’t want to drink the chemicals these drivers haul.
Question: Who are Thermos Bottle Holders?

Speaking of thermos bottles, I’m off to grab another cup of jumpy juice (one of the many truck drivers nicknames for coffee). I’d encourage you to grab a cup too and enjoy Finn Murphy’s riveting read on how “the other half” lives, drives, and moves.

Fuel for Thought,