Why I’m Giving Away $500 Gift Cards (And How You Can Get One Too!)

As Mary has shared, jobs seekers hungry for success will do anything to create the most eye-catching applications, from providing potential employers with goodie bags to taking to the streets with a handwritten poster and handful of resumes.

But it’s not just job seekers who have to be creative, presentable, and polite to snag a great job; if they’re looking to attract the right candidates, employers also have to put in their fair share of work.

hiringIndeed, attracting and retaining great talent is often cited as the biggest challenge for many employers.

Thanks to our rigorous Matchmaker Logistics job application process, we’re fortunate to have a strong team of everyday superheroes working for us already. But over time, people move, grow their families, and sometimes, leave for other opportunities.

In this spirit, we’re taking a cue from corporate giants who know it takes creativity and resourcefulness to recruit the best employees.

Google, for instance, enticed the brainiest of engineers by posting a tricky math problem on a billboard, followed by yet another brain-teaser on their website, which then unlocked the application for only the most determined of problem-solvers.

Atlassian, an Australian company, shared a poster of a stunning, sun-drenched Sydney beach in the midst of the European winter to attract software engineers from more frigid locales. Then, they drove a bright yellow VW bus topped with a surfboard throughout Europe to spread their message.

IKEA kept it simple: along with instructions for assembling their furniture, they added a manual for “assembling careers” inside product boxes, triggering a huge stream of applications!

At Matchmaker, our secret formula for finding great talent isn’t math problems or a big bus (though we are proud of our reliable transportation services). Instead, we want to reach out to those we most love and trust, our network of friends, family, connections, and customers – a.k.a., you!

While you don’t need x-ray vision or spidey-senses to join our team, we are looking for regular superheroes who can show up, save the day, and stick to a sturdy moral compass. If you send us a candidate who gets hired for one of our open Customer Sales Rep positions, we’ll send you a $500 Visa gift card as a thank you on their 90th day of employment.

Learn more about who we’re looking for on our career opportunities page. And if you know of someone in Wilmington, NC who fits the bill, please send us your friendly neighborhood superhero!

Fuel for Thought,