What It Takes To Be A Dispatcher

In our industry, we spend plenty of time praising our hard-working truckers and loyal customers.

Dispatchers, on the other hand, tend to get our attention when they’re not doing such a good job.dispatcher

After all, we rely on dispatchers to keep shipments on time and to please everyone simultaneously – truckers and clients alike. When they’re not on their A-game, we notice!

It takes a unique skill set to do this work. Here are the 7 traits I think matter most. A great dispatcher:

1. Understands the trucker-dispatcher relationship. Great dispatchers know that they’re part of a symbiotic relationship with truckers – their success is one in the same. For this reason, they treat truckers with respect and work hard to solve problems together.

2. They’re born multitaskers. Dispatchers don’t get to focus on one thing at a time. They balance communication with truckers, clients, loading dock managers, and logistics brokers, while juggling myriad shifting variables. The best dispatchers have organization down to a science.

3. They know the roads. While lots of dispatchers understand how to use advanced software, not all of them understand trucking routes, road blocks, and the many uncertainties that can prevent or delay a delivery. A great dispatcher is
equipped for anything, from terrible weather and standstill traffic to flat tires and low overhangs.

dispatcher4. They prize clear communication. Great dispatchers always make sure truckers and clients are on the same page, and they keep their line open 24/7. They understand that when carriers are well aware of customer expectations, they deliver.

5. They schedule in everything, not just pick-ups and deliveries. The best dispatchers understand that truckers have preferences, families and needs of their own. In this sense, they try to assign routes that suit their needs and strengths. Happy carriers make for happy dispatchers.

6. They keep calm and carry on. This industry can be stressful, especially with increasing shortages and heavy workloads. The ideal dispatcher knows how to stay cool, address issues, and prevent stressors from arising in the first place.

7. They’re empathetic. Most importantly, great dispatchers understand they’re working with other human beings – not just deadlines. They build professional, caring relationships with the goal of shared success for both carriers and customers.

In short, a great dispatcher can be hard to come by, but certain traits set the best ones apart. We know this first-hand. A few months back, we hired a new dispatcher. Turns out, she’s got all of these skills and more!  In fact, she’s already getting promoted. We’ll introduce you to Charlotte soon…

In the meantime, we’re looking once again, for a stellar Matchmaker Logistics dispatcher.  Our hats are off to each and every dispatcher who embodies these traits and works to keep logistics running smoothly across our great nation.

Have you thanked your dispatcher today?

Fuel for Thought,