Bigger Is Better

Recently, Dale and I swapped out our 48-inch TV in the living room for a 65-inch TV. If you’re a member of a TV-loving household in the golden age of Netflix, Prime, and Hulu, you know what we did next: we moved our old living room TV into our bedroom, swapping out our good ol’ 32-inch for the 48-inch.

It took us a while to afford the bigger screens TV. When they first came out, our budget looked more like this:


But over time, prices dropped and now I’m far from alone in my love of the ever-expanding TV screen. As a whole, Americans are going for bigger TVs. This past December, global shipments of 60-inch-plus TVs skyrocketed by more than 40 percent.

And you can literally see why: the picture is crisp and the screen is expansive. While it might sound sort of basic to rejoice over a brand-new TV, I’ve got no shame. Repeat after me: It is okay to buy yourself nice things sometimes.

TVIn light of my personal struggles to remain debt-free, I’ve never been one to judge other people on their purchases. If you’ve got some extra money, why not go for the bigger TV? Let’s be real. If somebody I loved won the lottery, I wouldn’t tell them to “invest it all.” I’d probably tell ’em to go buy themselves a big flat-screen TV! Then, by all means, invest some of it and donate the rest to good causes.

Why? For one, we’re spending more time at home thanks to delivery everything

(I see you, Amazon Prime and Shipt!); streaming services; and – just my theory – the excessively exorbitant cost of movie theater outings these days, even if you sneak in your own candy.

Beyond this, the quality of what’s being produced for TV has gone way up. If you’re binge-watching shows like me (Move over, Stranger Things, The Ranch is my newest obsession.), you know that episodic TV shows are just as cinematic, heart-wrenching, and exciting as movies these days. You’re better off buying your own in-home theater and enjoying entertainment from the comfort of your living room.

Now we’ve got our sights set on an even bigger purchase – at 292 inches (a.k.a. 24+ feet), the ultimate big screen TV is known as the Wall Luxury. Currently, the cost is upwards of $100,000. We won’t just need to wait for more competitive pricing; we’re going to need a larger living room, too!

Happy Monday,