Wedding Bells at Matchmaker

weddingI love spending time with my team outside of the office, and what better way than a wedding?

When I first met Reid Setliff, his job in logistics required a long-distance relationship with the “love of his life”, Liz, who resided in Wilmington. Reid decided to research our local job market and found his way to Matchmaker Logistics headquarters.  We weren’t hiring at the time, but the next time a position opened up, we gave Reid a call.  He aced every facet of our extensive interviewing process, and joined our team as a Carrier Sales Rep.

Down South, it isn’t difficult finding proof that it’s a small world. In fact, Reid found his true love thanks to some motherly matchmaking. Reid’s mother and Liz’s mother both started work at the same hospital on the same day. The two became fast friends. As the decades passed, the two moms remained in touch. Their children had never really hung out due to a sizable age gap (Reid is eight years older than Liz.) But many years later, when the two mothers got together for a visit, a now-grown-up Liz decided to tag along.  Reid and Liz hit it off during that visit, and the rest is history.


When we interviewed Reid for his company bio back in 2015, like a true logistics professional, he had a detailed plan spanning several years: adopt a dog, buy an engagement ring, get married, buy a house, and have kids.

Reid and Liz now have a beautiful German Shepard named Kai.  Reid bought a ring custom-designed with stones from both his family and hers.  And on March 10th, we watched as he wed his beautiful bride.  All locally based Matchmaker Logistics employees were in attendance (we missed you, Mary!), and a great time was had by all.  In fact, everyone was having so much fun on the dance floor, Reid and Liz decided to skip the bouquet and garter toss and keep the dance party going.

Congratulations to Reid and Liz – we love having you both as part of the Matchmaker Logistics family, and we look forward to watching you continue with your seven-year plan!