When “Why Not?” Pays Off, Literally

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who ask “But, why?” and those who ask “Why not?” When we last advertised for an opening at Matchmaker Logistics, we had the good fortune of interviewing a pool of really talented candidates. We’re told time and again that our interview process is one of the most difficult candidates have ever experienced, and that’s intentional. We spend a lot of time getting to know prospective employees so we can find the perfect fit for our team. I’m happy to say that with Charlotte Lickfeld, we succeeded.

CharlotteI distinctly recall the moment during the interview where I knew we had found our match. Having just relocated to Wilmington, Charlotte was looking for permanent work. While searching the classifieds, she read that a local company specializing in fruit bouquets and chocolate-covered strawberries was looking for temporary delivery help the week of Valentine’s Day. “That sounds like fun!”, Charlotte thought, “Why not?”

The next thing she knew, Charlotte was playing Cupid, hand-delivering Valentine treats to lovers and loved ones across the city. She explained: “I figured it would be a great way to get to know the city, and by the time I finished all of those deliveries, I knew my way around town.” She also talked about how much she enjoyed being a messenger of happiness to so many people.

Although she didn’t mention it, I know enough about logistics to know that there had to have been challenges – incorrect addresses that had to be resolved, inaccessible buildings where missing entry codes were needed, wrong turns, and maybe even a damaged fruit bouquet that had to return to the store for replacement. But the take away for Charlotte was that she had seized an interesting opportunity, learned lots, and had fun in the process. Yup – she was definitely a Matchmaker match.

Want to learn more about Charlotte? (The correct answer, if you’ve been following along, folks, is ‘Why not?’.) You can read her full bio here and learn one more reason why she was an ideal candidate for the job. (Hint: driving runs in the family.) Then, read about her superpowers here.

Time flies. Charlotte has been with us for months now, and this email is long overdue, but, please join me in officially welcoming Charlotte to the industry and to Matchmaker Logistics.

And this week, take a page out of Charlotte’s rule book. When faced with an opportunity to try something different or do something new, just ask: “Why not?”

Fuel for Thought,