Noel-Themed Nostalgia and Season’s Greetings

best Christmas gift

Little Kendra enjoying a white Christmas

I was only five or six years old, but I’ll never forget that moment. On Christmas morning, Santa brought me the bike of my dreams – purple, with a banana seat. I can still recall how beautiful that bike looked in the glow of the Christmas tree.

As an adult, giving is always more exciting than receiving. But, I still enjoyed this list of forty tastemakers, leaders, and business tycoons describing their most magical Christmas memories.

So I decided to ask my team- what were the best Christmas gifts they ever got?  And they delivered with some amazing stories, below:

“Christmas of 1989. I wanted what everyone wants for Christmas: snow! It was a family tradition that all the grandchildren slept over at our grandparents’ house on the night of Christmas Eve, and that year, we woke up to a white Christmas.”
– Kendra Rhodes, Carrier Sales Representative

“When I was a boy I remember getting a Nintendo 64. I was so excited even though I had to share it with my brother and sister.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that Christmas! So many of my favorite childhood memories with my siblings were spent in front of that game system.”
– Cody Polk, Carrier Sales Representative

best Christmas gift

Kona the Christmas pup

“My best Christmas gift was a fur baby – my youngest dog, Kona, who became part of my little family 7 years ago. My husband and I wanted a second dog and a playmate for our eldest dog, Lizzie. We brought her home and she snuggled right under our Christmas tree; it was her favorite napping spot. And every Christmas, you can bet you can find her snuggled up in the blanket under the tree.”
– Lindsey Slingerland, Office Administrator

“Christmas 1986 I got a Nintendo system, along with games – Mario and Duck Hunt (which had the cool laser gun!). To keep me off of my parents’ TV, Santa even included a 13″ black and white TV just for me. Talk about being king of the world, I was rolling on my bed like James Bond shooting those blasted ducks!  Classic memories!”
– Reid Setliff, Carrier Sales Representative

best Christmas gift

Vince with his baby girl

“Christmas came early for me in 2016. On December 3rd of last year, my daughter was born (the same day as the Matchmaker Christmas party!).  No material gift can compare to the joy she brings every single day.”
– Vince Hagedorn, Carrier Sales Representative

best Christmas gift

A soldier and beloved sister comes home for Christmas

“The best Christmas present I ever received was seeing my sister coming home. She had been deployed in Saudi Arabia for eleven months, and our Christmas wasn’t going to feel complete without her. Lucky for us, her flight arrived in Wilmington at 11:58PM on December 24th, 1991, just in time for Christmas. And she was home for good!”
– Mary Nicholas, Vice-President

Collectively, we all agree that when it comes to our work lives, we get the best gift all year ’round – the trust and friendship of you, our customers, vendors, and friends.

To all of you, near and far, thank you for another year. We wish you a very Merry Christmas, a safe and happy holiday with family and friends, and a great start to 2018.

We’ll see you in the new year!
~Bob and the entire Matchmaker Logistics Team