Introducing Our Legion of Superheroes

You hear from me (via this Fuel for Thought column) or Mary (via Just Another Mary Monday) almost every week. But while Mary and I tag team with our Matchmaker musings, we’re far from the only ones who make things tick at Matchmaker Logistics.

Every once in a while, I like to use this space to introduce readers to our elite All-Star Squadron of Carrier Sales Representatives and the Fantastic Force that supports them. You might remember previous entries about Reid Setliff’s recent wedding or his favorite sauce for grilling chicken. Perhaps you remember why airport security considers Kendra Rhodes a dangerous woman or how she likes to ‘monkey’ around!

Mary has also shared stories, such as this now-legendary tale of her fishing bet with Cody Polk. But as I started putting this email together, it occurred to me that we’d never properly introduced our readers to Cody – nor had I introduced you to some of our other valued team members. So without further ado, allow me to introduce:

logistics team



Cody Polk, a fellow superhero fan with a superpower of his own – surprising his now-wife (and then-high school sweetheart) with the perfect proposal.

I won’t spoil the story – click over to Cody’s bio to read how his engagement ultimately brought him to Wilmington!







Lindsey Slingerland is another team member who married her high school sweetheart. Lindsey loves a day of bargain shopping, followed by a nap with her dogs, but at work, she’s a true administrative powerhouse.

Lindsey has a strong affinity for gift-giving, which makes her perfectly suited to organizing our yearly staff retreat and Christmas party.






Vince Hagedorn grew up in Japan and Germany, as part of an Air Force family, before landing in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Vince took Matchmaker pride to the next level when his daughter was born on the day of our annual Christmas party! Vince and his fiancee named their daughter Hailey, but Vincent is also known for the nicknames he gives everyone around the office. (See the code names Vince gave our CSRs here.)





Hailing from Fitchburg, MA, Caleb Neilon is our newest team member with two important jobs – his role at Matchmaker and his duties serving our country as an enlisted Senior Airman in the Air Force National Guard.

Caleb is a newlywed and a new homeowner. A fitness enthusiast, he likes surfing and walking on the beach with his wife and their hound dog puppy. Caleb also believes in exercising his mind – you won’t believe which language he’s currently learning “just for fun.”




I encourage you to read up on these amazing individuals, our very own Secret Six or Matchmaker A-Team.  See their faceslearn their stories, and be sure to tell what you share in common the next time you speak with one of our in-house superheroes.

Fuel for Thought,