Carrier Screening

Carrier Screening – Presentation by Bob Skane to the Transportation & Logistics Council Carrier Screening By Brokers- Safety rating– Using carriers with an unsatisfactory rating exposes both shipper and broker to lawsuit due to negligence. Insurance– Broker must be named as a certificate holder in order for their contingency policy to valid. Ask the insurance company about exceptions! Carriers reduce their insurance costs by limiting there cargo coverage by region, commodity and circumstances. Current Operating Authority Signed Contract- Outlines responsibilities of each party. Prevents carriers from claiming “release values” for cargo. Ensures that carrier

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Establishing Your Credit Policy

This informative and helpful article by Matchmaker VP Bob Skane was recently featured in the Logistics Journal! An effective credit policy is essential to success in today’s business environment. A consistent policy will help: – Reduce the number of “slow pay” and “no pay” accounts – Reduce collection costs – Create selling opportunities (yes, selling opportunities) The first step is to determine the mission for your credit department. At Matchmaker, our credit department’s mission has two parts: 1) To work closely with management and sales personnel to assist in determining the relative credit-worthiness of potential

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The Role of Discipline

At the annual TIA conference in Tucson, Arizona, I attended a seminar presented by a high caliber business speaker and consultant, Dave Yoho. Given a copy of his book Have a Great Year Every Year, I was introduced to Mr. Yoho’s EPOD theory – •Energy •Persuasion •Optimism •Discipline I wanted to jump on the first three parts of the Yoho theory and run with them; I could apply those three things easily. However, I was most struck by the Discipline aspect of his theory. It really hit home and made me think anew. Doing

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